Thursday, April 23, 2009

March for Babies 2009!

This is our four day reminder to please support our fundraising goal for the March for Babies. What? Again? You never saw our other solicitations? This is the first you have heard that we are walking on April 26th for the March of Dimes? The second year in a row! Now you can all sit back and remember that last year we at least got out the note a week ahead. But you are dealing with Shannon and Dave and based on the last two years, I won't post next year until the day after. Seriously, many of you saw this plea last year so you probably know why we are walking. Growing up, my mom literally collected dimes for the March of Dimes and I never paid much attention. It wasn't until I saw the heroic measures taken to save my early baby that the March of Dimes MEANT something to me. The steroids and surfactant that Ben received before and after he was born are a direct result of March of Dimes research. These measures alone may have helped to keep our little guy alive. That is all I need to know and these are just two of the medical advances that March of Dimes research is responsible for. Every year 120,000 babies in the US are born too soon. Many don't survive and many of the babies that do survive, including our amazing Ben, do so with life long disabilities. We are walking to try to change this number. We are walking to celebrate our baby who was born too soon. Our goal is $500. If you can give, please do so by following this link to our donation page . If you would like to walk with us, the more the merrier! Anything that you can do to help support this cause that is so close to our hearts is appreciated. Think of what we can do if we all donate just $5. Just a few cents more than a Grande no fat white mocha light whip. It would again, be nice to get the amount on my goal tracker above $10. Yes the 0 really does makes me feel like a looser : ) Take a peak at the beautiful video put together by a dear friend here And if you still need convincing spend a few minutes with another dear friend here Thank you friends, for your enduring support.

My little man now...

My little man then...I had only this picture to look at while I pumped for a baby in a different hospital. Lets do what we can.


Ellen said...

Have a great walk tomorrow! He has come SUCH a long way.

Christine said...

I found your blog through Ellen. Jack looks like such a happy young man. I hope the walk went well and as the mother of a former 24 weeker. I can tell you the milestones are such a miracle.

Pam said...

Hi Shannon,
Go glad to have met you at the walk, and congrats on reaching your fundraising goal! Love the pictures... but Ben is so much more charismatic in person!