Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Late Nights

What do you do with the pain of fear that sets so heavy in your chest that you feel you could physically remove it? What do you do? I push it away. I "deal" with it which is to say that I keep living and it fades. Which I guess is also saying that I don't deal with it at all. I try not to cry and hope that it passes quietly. I've dealt with it. Does that count? I know the cycle of grief. We are in fact old chums. So I know that it will move on it's way, in it's way. But what do you do when the pain and fear you feel for your child drops you to your knees and wracks you with silent sobs, silent from all the years trying not to wake others with your tears. What do you do? I let it cry it's self out then I shed a few more tears for all the mama's out there who have silently cried with me.

Friday, August 8, 2008

What She Said

New Kieraisms-
Ooh... (Imagine an innocent sound of wonder. This sound is heard after any instruction about what NOT to do or why. Cute the first time.)
What I say you? (Kiera's version of my "what did I JUST say to you?", I'm not proud)
All the day... (the phrase used instead of "all the time" or "a lot" or "so much". Such as "I been missing you all the day" or "Ben I've been loving you all the day!" or "My belly's been making me nuts all the day.")
That's the deal. K? (Pretty self explanatory)
But, but mahhahhm. (Imagine mom as a three syllable whine.)
Sorry mom. I so sorry. (Following any disaster no mater if it is on purpose or an accident)
And my personal favorite-
I just love you sooo much! (Sigh...)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Donations Anyone?

All those who think that we are in desperate need of wardrobe expansion say "I"!

All those willing to donate to the cause, drop me a note.

All those in my shoes who can't believe the enormous piles of BORING laundry threatening to bury them at every turn, I say- I feel your pain!

Here's to beer before noon on Sunday!