Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So much...

So much on my plate these days. So much... Problem is I don't want to take anything off my plate. What would I choose? I don't want to give up my volunteer time. I volunteer because the cause is important to me. Which do I walk away from? The NICU board...the birth to 6 parent board...Ben's school... And Kiera, oh Kiera. Poor girl had been coughing since January it seems. Then the fever came. And the vomiting. Then the doctor. And more fever. And more vomit. And more doctor. AND MORE FEVER! AND MORE DOCTOR! AND A CHEST X-Ray! AND PNEUMONIA! And antibiotics. And all better : ) Then the hives came. Poor girl was just getting over her cough and she bloomed up with big wetly itchy hives. Another couple office visits and we came up with erythema multiforme presumed initially to have been a reaction to antibiotics but on further consideration, was probably just her reaction to the end of the pneumonia, as if there needed to be more. Turns out Benedryl makes Kiera a bit zippy and a bit pissy. OK, it was a bit more then that. More like we gave her CRACK and in the end it was Zyrtec that saved her from the itchy bumps. Still made her a bit zippy but this time only a bit and it didn't make her wicked and shifty. All in all, Kiera and I didn't sleep for 5 nights. Really. And I'm no longer trained in sleep deprivation so 5 days of sleep loss cost me just about all the sensibility I had left. Sensibility is is like muscle mass, easily lost and HARD to regain. Kiera and I are both still a bit "off"(crabby, whiny bitchy messes to be around). We're working on that. I promise Dave. On the lighter side... Kiera-isms Kiera-(poking me in the bum) Mom. You have a fat bum. A great big giant fat bum! Mom-Kiera we don't tell people that they have fat bodies, it might hurt their feelings. Kiera-(few days later) Mom. You have a big fat bum. Mom-Kiera, remember when we talked about how those words can hurt peoples feelings? Kiera-Yep I do. But mom, you sure are stripey! (running her fingers over my stretch marks) Hey mom? I can feel the pretzels, but I can't see the pretzels. I think it's because I have my eyes closed. Those things probably just happen. Sigh... Much more to post, like... our first family flight to a wedding in AR, the upcoming end of the school year and the end of my job for the summer, my A in my class: ) Kiera's dance recital (oh just swimming in cuteness), Ben's science project (oh so fantastic I have to show pics), our reckless puppy, Nana's hip surgery, and on, and on... Now to bed. A kiss goodnight to you.

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