Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Been A While

It's been a while. A long while.
Like so many things in my life, blogging has been pushed aside. It may have been the easiest to let go even. No one (well a couple folks but you know) dumping undo guilt or disappointment at the lack of posts. No stern reminders that my work is late. No GPA slipping into the red. You know what? No glaring stains pop up on the carpet if you don't blog. It was easy to step back when I realized that I had come to a point that my blogging wasn't doing me, or anyone else for that matter, any good. I actually got tired of bitching in print. So I stepped away and turns out, I still bitch, but to people that I can touch. Seems that bitching may be where I am in my life, or it could be the Keppra but that is a whole other ball of wax.
We had such a fantastic summer...
We went to Illinois for the high school graduation of our niece and college graduation of our nephew.
Ben and Kiera got their first ice cream from an ice cream truck.
We said goodbye to Ben's fantastic teacher of two years.
We went strawberry picking.
We saw my niece graduate from Middle School.
We camped on Lake Michigan.
We played in the parks.
We rode bikes. Kiera learned to ride without training wheels (thank you PEAC).
We spent the 4th in Tennessee with Dave's family
We went to Red River Gorge and Ben hiked the trail to Natural Bridge. He hiked it.
We visited The Big House.
We played with our neighbors.
We pub crawled (OK, that we just me).
We went to a beer fest (OK, that was me and a few much loved grownups).
We camped again.
We swam with the neighbors.
We celebrated two weddings.
We went to a cheeseburger fest and camped again.
Ben went to camp.
We camped on Lake Huron.
We went to Children's Museums.
We went to Zoo's.
Ben rode horses. Lots of horses.
We started school. Kiera left my side for the first time.
Dave and I went to Key West.
Ben joined cub scouts.
Kiera went back to ballet.
We camped again.
Ben climbed trees
We went to Wisconsin.
We went to orchards, pumpkin patches and corn mazes.
The most important part of all this rambling is "we". We found amazing, fun and wonderful things to do WITH amazing, fun and wonderful people. These people in our lives, these wonderful, thoughtful, fun and funky people that are our family and friends are part of the glue that makes us work.
I miss this though. I miss knowing what is happening with your families and I miss having the record and outlet that this provides. I miss being able to say "Ben's school environment sucks! I wish I had the cash to bury the district in lawyers until they actually did what is right for children with different needs! Who makes a freaking NEW playground inaccessible and takes away handicapped parking!" because you just can't say that stuff on facebook :)
I guess we'll just see how it goes.