Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Facebook has made me greedy! Not that can update from my phone (I'm not THAT connected yet!), but I have thoughts to share and stories to tell and I want to share from where I am sitting. Yes, I am dreaming of thought activated blogging! I want to sit in my car and ask you all what you think? What do I do with this very first Birthday invite for Ben if I don't have any idea who the child is? How do I juggle life and my health? How do I keep moving forward? How do I get better at this? How do you?


Heike said...

Ha. I don't!

Sam said...

you're an awesome momma from what i can tell aunt shannon. keep on truckin!
plus you'll get to see one of your favorite southern nieces in just two weeks..get ready for some crazy family time lol.
love you and miss you and the family bunches and bunches!