Monday, March 28, 2011

Being The Grown Up

It goes in waves. Parenting is not a simple cycle of learn, apply, succeed. More like maybe learn, trying to learn, ah ha! got it, wait maybe not, oh OK think I've got it now, attempt to apply learned information, forcefully try to apply said information, back up re-learn, subtly adjust to insert information, see things respond to use of gained knowledge, take half a breath then WHAM the lesson is over and we are on to another subject. It's like living through calculus just to find that the test Friday is actually on art history.

So we try. And try again. And keep trying but to be perfectly honest, sometimes I don't want to try. Sometimes I wish I wasn't the grown up and didn't feel the immense pressure to instill a love of self, others, learning and food all the time. Every day, all the time. It is simply exhausting. Rewarding (you hope), but exhausting.

It’s on those days when it doesn't feel all that rewarding that you dig deep and pull rabbit out of the hat to make the moment the best it can be or you dig a nice deep hole under your own feet. We happened to be going through one of those floundering phases and our hole was getting rather deep. The giant hole seemed to act as its own accelerator and it took both hubby and I, stopping at the very same time to figure out that we were the ones digging it. That we are, whether we like it that day or not, the grownups.

It was the wakeup call we needed (this time) that the subject had changed and we were in fact trying to speak Spanish to pass chem.

We're changing the game (again) and finding yet another new normal. Because we're the grownups and they are SO worth it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Make pinewood derby cars. Volunteer meeting. Preschool. Physical therapy evaluation. Dance class. Cub scouts. Derby race. Touch base with mom about coming to cover conference time. Parent teacher conference. Ben to primary (pink eye). Go to Auntie Kier's for afternoon. Kindergarten Information Night. Preschool. Ben to Peds Orthopedic Surgery (subluxed hip/stable!). Ben IEP. Shan haircut. Ben PT. Play date for Kiera. Ben hippo therapy. Shan class. Assist for Kiera's preschool. Dave's work happy hour. Soccer clinic. Art class. Maple syrup nature program. Kids to Nana's. Wedding/reception. Play date for Ben and Kiera.

Why, what does your week look like?
; )