Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What to do?

Or rather what not to do! This is such a busy time of year, no scratch that! Life just keeps getting busier. At the beginning of the school year Ben joined Cub Scouts. I was a Girl Scout so when the flyer came home last year I mentioned it to Dave and we did the classic chat-and-delay. For those of you who are not familiar with this tactic it is our default setting when we are unsure if we are willing to cross another "new thing" barrier. I'm sure that someday, someone will come up with a super scientific formula for deciding on "new thing". This formula will no doubt include; monetary cost, time factoring (including travel), pre-"new-thing" research (including receptiveness/supportiveness of new adults and children to special needs), emotional expense to parent responsible for doing the pre-research, emotional/physical expense to parent actually taking on "new-thing", increased alcohol bill due to "new-thing" stress, measure of effect on "well he gets to (blank)..." argument from sibling paying attention to the balance of "things", the overall accessibility of "new-thing" and the ability of "new-thing" to fit into the already crazy week. BUT until they come up with that super scientific formula, it is sometimes easier to chat-and-delay and if it comes up again, we pay it closer attention. So a year after we saw the flyer, Ben joined Cub Scouts. He LOVES it! I'm not sure why, but he really loves it and so far his Den has been fantastic to him and us. This addition to our schedule has Dave and I doing the divide and conquer so that Ben can make it to Scouts and Kiera to ballet. Toss in two nights of Therapeutic Riding, a night class for me, homework for all of us and we're booked. In the last week we added an overnight visit from Uncle Keith, a Hoedown at Ben's school, Dave's Birthday, kid's overnight with Nana, Christmas lights, 2 teacher birthdays, volunteering at both kid's schools, book order coming in (my co-op job), 2 evening Holiday parties, a field trip, a volunteer meeting, a school project for Ben, a research paper for me, zumba class and we haven't even made it to the weekend! We're busy. And now we need to make plans for next semester. What to choose? Add another class for me (goodness knows I'll graduate in time to retire at this rate)? Add a swim class for my human rocks? Take away a riding night? Drop yet another volunteer group? Add some exercise for me? Breathe? Have a conversation with my husband? What do you choose? How do you choose? How lucky are we that we get to choose?