Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Risks

I have been dabbling in this blogging world for quite some time. Mostly I keep to myself and honestly it is because this blog is self serving. It is not a money maker (I have NO idea how to get that started or I might toss myself right under the bus), it is not a sample spreader (no idea how to get that one started either), it is just little old me getting some junk off of my chest (in fact now that I think about it I'm sucking!). Way back in the days of writing on paper, I quietly began typing this beast and didn't tell anyone I was even doing it until I accidentally left a comment without signing out of blogger. Oops! Cat was out of the bag, I figured that if strangers were reading what I was writing about Dave, he ought to know that I was writing it. So three or four people pop in here now and then, but I have taken care to minimize the risks I take with my blog over the years. Lately I have been reminded just why.
Angry folks. Angry, hurtful, hateful, judgemental, snide, bitchy, I-don't-want-you-as-my-friend folks. I get that when you put your thoughts on the internet for all to see you are opening yourself to judgement, I get that. I also think that just because I say my butt is big doesn't mean you get to say my butt is big bitches. I think that I (by I, I mean parents at large) should be able to question a moment of my parenting day without every troll out there calling me on it. I want to be able to agonize over decisions for my children, as we all do, voice it here and not have some wackadoo call me on my shit and tell me I'm lazy. Bite me. Lazy. Try traumatized. Now don't worry mom (just in case you are back again) this isn't all about me. This is just a little call for compassion. Rant away, complain, cry, bitch, moan, but dear people do find it in your hearts not to attack. We learned it in preschool.