Friday, June 27, 2008

Vacation (part 2)

Still stuck on the last vacation and really need to wrap it up so I can post about all the other fun stuff we have been doing.

Last I wrote we were taking off to Alabama. We made that "little" side trip to see one of our nieces graduate from high school. I am so glad that we made it! It was great for Ben and Kiera to see family that they don't get to see to often. We saw "Alabama big cousins" as Ben has labeled my sister-in-laws girls, Auntie Kim and Grandma and Grandpa! It is a wonderful thing to have great in-laws.

The graduation itself was tough for Ben who doesn't like the clapping and cheering and tough for Kiera who can't sit in a chair for 15 minutes let alone a couple of hours, but totally worth it. We were able to let the kids run around in an outer area and then come back in for the actual walk. Ben was so excited that it was his cousin that he was watching that he gave up being mad about the air horns.

A funny thing happened to me while we were there though. I felt really old. I joke about it now and then but this really drove it home. It is not just that time has passed. It was watching all of the kids with there bright faces, excited about jumping into the next stage of there lives. Can you imagine? To have that feeling again. The feeling that your whole life is before you. That your choices will determining your path. That your future is bright with shining adventures yet unknown. It made me feel old, and a bit sad that those feelings have changed for me. I am no longer lulled by the phrase "everything will be fine". I am at a place in my life that that is OK though. Fine means something different for me now. Maybe that is what I long for. An innocence to loss and pain.

It was easy for me to put the thoughts aside and catch some of the contagious excitement. That and a visit to a Chocolate Bar and all was well for me : ) I guess that is something else gained with age, quick recovery.

Love to you Alabama girls!

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Heike said...

Funny. Beaver has the same issue about loud noises like clapping etc. Yet he loves shows. Our solution: a pair of heavy duty ear muffs from the hardware store...