Sunday, January 13, 2008

A little fire

I often feel like I spend my day putting out little fires. "Mama!!!!!!" rings through my house on such a regular basis that sometimes I don't hear it any more. And we wonder why our children don't respond when we say things over and over ; ) There is always a toy being taken, finger being pinched, head being bonked or catastrophic spill to take care of. Most of these things wouldn't warrant a blink except there is a not so little voice raging out of a comparatively little face to alert you to the disaster. Then, you get that one glimpse a day (hopefully) of what the raging storms in your home (your children) will turn into one day when a hand is held or a boo-boo is kissed and you think "I am getting pretty good at putting out these little fires". Then there is actually a fire. Yes flames and all (I recommend never using you toaster oven to reheat thin bacon). Not a big fire just a little counter top toaster fire and all of my years of safety training flew out the window. In a brain-melted-by-my-day moment it seemed a good idea to reheat some bacon in the toaster oven. Well of course I forgot about it BECAUSE MY BRAIN HAD BEEN MELTED BY MY DAY . When I did remember I looked through the little window at the black char on the aluminum foil and though "I should get that out of there!" and did the brilliant thing of introducing oxygen to the char. Then of course there were flames. Bigger flames than you would think too, for just a piece of bacon so what do I do in all of my wisdom? Stand there as if frozen to the ground and yell "its a fire"! That is it! Then when I did decide to do something I TRIED TO BLOW IT OUT! I'm telling you I have completely lost my mind! Dave had to actually move my rooted body out of the way to deal with it. So what, I can handle vomit and poop but absolutely nothing else? It may be time to install a panic button because you never know, the toilet may back up or a glass may break. So, fire put out and disaster averted (with no help from ME) we went on with dinner where both kids got up to poop (Kiera twice) a full plate landed on the floor, my drink was spilled, my glasses were knocked off Kiera fell out of her chair getting down and bonked her head, I wiped two bums and Kiera bit through the table cloth. And it hit me while eating my 45minute old stone cold dinner, I didn't have a chance. My brain had been melted by my day.

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Nelba said...

Your biorythm(rithm? ah, well whatever!) must have been down.


Your brain was melted by your day.. :-)