Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Deep breath

Sorry about the rant folks! I really am NOT losing my mind, I was just in need of a pep talk. It was a good thing though to remind myself that I need to quit dwelling and get moving in the right direction. I usually just need to check one thing off of my list of to-do's and then I'm back in the game. Just so happened that I needed to give myself a swift kick in the bum to get the ball rolling. So...

We had a great day! Ben has a nasty cold (not the great part) so he missed hippo therapy (OT on horseback) and school. That meant a PJ day for all including Dave who was home with a GI bug (also not the great part). Hold on, did I say that we had a great day? Really, we did. There was no fighting, very little scolding, and positive redirection all over the place. There was even sharing! Seriously, it was like the moment I turned it back on everyone got it together. By the way, I hate that! I can't stand that grumpy old me is in charge of everyones good mood. I would like to pass that responsibility to the cat. He is always in a good mood and doesn't give a care what anyone thinks. Anyway, I was back on my game. We did art, pretend play (my throat hurts from having to maintain the chicken voice that I made up), fine motor, singing, stories and for the first time in days I managed to do all of Ben's PT for the day. I wrote an email to Ben's teacher and he dictated a story for me to share with her. And Kiera waited patiently for us to finish! I have to say, I was feeling pretty good about this little family of ours.
Then Ben threw up in his bed. No biggie. We have been here before, he has a nasty draining nose so... clean up the Boo, change the bed get some Zofran on board to try to offset any further stomach upset and hope that we can save the fundo any more stress. Then, an hour later, he threw up again. Flat on his back, threw up. He just can't make his muscles respond fast enough to get him off of his back so now, our boy who already had cruddy lungs just aspirated how much puke?

I know that you can't tell but that was a long pause to go help retching Ben and then try to find out why my washer just flooded the laundry room.

I stand firm. WE HAD A GREAT DAY! Now it is the nights we have to work on.

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Sparx said...

Hey Shannon - wow... well, glad it was a good day - wish it could be better though. We've had the stomach bug too, although not, thankfully, the arguing children, although the spud is being fairly headstrong. I hope you're feeling better. Ben seems to be doing brilliantly, even if he is fighting with his sister!