Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have run into a bit of a problem with blogging. People read it. I don't mean everyone but some people read it and now I have a problem. My ordinary life which often turns toward ironic, silly, frustrating and ridiculous is out there for the misunderstanding. I write about what catches my minds eye. I write about the things that take me by surprise. I write about the things that both exceed and fall short of what I thought my life would be but most of all I write for me. I have found though, that when you type it it seems like the little things are bigger than they are. People that I know read this blog and say things like "How you doing, really?" or "Are you doing OK today?" as if my life is dramatically different than it was a year ago when I stared this thing. It's not. And I'm not. I (and my life) are not that much different from when I started writing although Ben and Kiera definitely keep me busier then...Oh for goodness sake! All that I am trying to say is relax everyone! I write about the little things that SEEM huge AT THE TIME. The little things that you read about are just that. No bigger than your little things. Just worth writing about for their momentary impression on my psyche. OK, rant over. So...Kiera got into a drawer behind a locked cupboard door, opened a bottle of nail polish and stuck the brush into her ear. You see! How could I not write about that! Who does this sort of thing and how can I possibly be expected to predict it? Did I mention that she did this while wearing two pair of Curious George undies over her onsie shirt and third pair of George undies with winter boots and sun hat? She is hilarious!

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