Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Happy birthday to my vibrant daughter.

Happy birthday to the infant who cried for 18 weeks, straight, every waking moment.

Happy Birthday to the all knowing baby who looked into my eyes and told me with hers "I get it".

Happy Birthday to the lips that kissed as soon as they stopped screaming.

Happy Birthday to the little face that looked at me with glee the first time she scooted to the cat and came back with a kiss full of cat hair.

Happy birthday to the strong girl that has always out done herself trying to catch up the the brother she adores.

Happy Birthday to the little voice that started with "dada" and has moved on to "Look at my face. I love you mama, I want a snuggle bug with you."

Happy birthday to my intuitive little girl that finds for me what I have lost before I even ask. Happy Birthday to my mischief maker that has me so often teetering between laughter and tears.

Happy Birthday to the big two year old that never admitted to being a baby in the first place. Happy Birthday to my joyful big girl that can find mystery and intrigue and amazement around any corner.

Happy Birthday to my determined girl who's "I'm smarter than that" attitude which makes me nuts will carry her through many challenges.

Happy Birthday to the sweet sister who loves her brother so much that the hugs sometimes hurt both of them.

Happy Birthday to the youngest but by far most power packed little person in our house.

Happy Birthday to my sweet (really, she is) two year old Kiera. I love you.


Lijy said...

hi... i saw ur comment on Sparx blog and just popped in to read yours.
your babies are really sweet.
And wishing Kiera a very very happy birthday.
hope you and ur family had a nice time.

Allison said...

Happy b-day Kiera! Could she be cuter? Love the post and it made me cry :)

Heike said...

Happy birthday lovely girl!

Shannon, thank you so much for your comment on my blog the other day. I got tears in my eyes reading it. I sometimes wonder why i bother with the blog (apart from it being a cheap and easy way to send my family in Europe pictures of the kids). And then, your post made it all worthwile. If our "Beaver" can in any way inspire a "Dolphin" it has all been worth it. Many many thanks from Down Under