Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the list

Last Saturday, as my little family (plus part of my sisters family) was slowly bumping its way out of one of those family food chains where you can get breakfast all day, I caught sight of someone I knew. You would think that living in the same area for essentially my entire life that this happens often, but it doesn't. I almost walked by but then it hit me. This was a friend that I hadn't seen since high school. With Kiera in hand I called out her name and she stopped, also with her little girl, and looking a little tired said "yes?". I was in a strange position of hoping that I didn't have to really explain who I was but quickly her face lit up she said "Shannon?" and then gave me the biggest hug. We did a quick overview admired each others girls then she told me about an email list that our high school class is putting together and "hey give me your email. I'd be happy to pass it on to the group." Since then I have been hit with all kinds of insecurities. That may not be the right word. What do you call it when you wonder if the person that seems so sincere is going to actually follow through. And you want them to. It is not so much that I thought she was just putting up a front but that I haven't seen her in years. Seriously, probably 10 maybe up to 16. Yeah, I'm old. It is hard for me to picture anyone with a busy life (assumption made based on daughter) taking the time. The fun thing is that she was right on it. She sent me a note the next day with updated info and asking about my family. Again the mention of the List. Here we go again, not insecurity as much as wondering how people that I kind-of knew 16 years ago were going to decide if I was to be added to the List. A few days of pondering the new me vs. the old me, or that may be backward since now I am old...Anyway, it is an interesting path to travel. I have lived 5 maybe more very different parts of my life since then. Would anyone who sort of knew me then, know me now? Has everyone else been through as much. Has everyone had those life changing events that make you a richer more mature person? Has everyone else had their edges worn down as I feel that I have? Well not too much time to ponder. I was added to the list and now have the task of figuring out how to use what info is out there. My best friend from junior high found me today. She has a 7 year old with CP and an unstoppable 2 year old. World just keeps getting smaller.


Heike said...

Wow, isn't that just amazing? Is that friend living locally? Have you met up yet?

Nelba said...

I'm hoping you can carry on where you left off and that this turns out to be one of those things that just had to happen!

Shannon said...

She lives about 2 hrs. away but I am looking into getting together because her parents live very close.

Luckily we are just too busy to dwell on it for too long. Also I feel pretty good about who I am now. Most of the time anyway ;)

Glad to see you both!