Wednesday, December 5, 2007

funny stuff!

I wish that I could type as quickly as my kids are funny! We just have the silliest things/situations happen around here, like... I was making waffles for dinner (big favorite around here) and Ben and Kiera were already at the table eating yogurt. The bacon was ready first so I put it on their plates. I turned around to butter the waffles then turned back and Kiera's bacon was gone. I asked her how she ate her bacon so fast and she replied "Skyy (our dog) ate the bacon." so I looked at Ben and he said "Kiera gave Skyy her bacon." So no more bacon for Kiera. I put the buttered waffles on their plates and turned to get the next one out of the waffle maker looked back and her waffle was gone! Kiera looked at me, gasped and said "Skyy ate my waffle, Mama!", "Did you give it to her?" I asked and she said "I doknow?" My dog is very fat and clearly I can't take a hint that Kiera is not hungry! or... Ben walking along and falling bum first into the dog dish. What is the likelihood of that. Out of the whole house he lands in the dog dish? or... Kiera getting out her hiccups bag (play makeup bag) and powering my nose, then her nose then the dogs nose. I don't think that I'll let her powder my nose for a while. or... Kiera walking up to me with a large wicker basket on her head and Ben's slippers on her feet to tell me that the Lego is broken. It is the helicopter piece that has come apart. She said "It's broken, Mama. It goes in your nose." to this I reply "it doesn't go in your nose!" Kiera promptly stuck it into her nostril while giving me a look to which I replied "It may fit in your nose but it doesn't belong there!" Am I really having these conversations? It is like a joke script that you read! Last but certainly not least: We were at dinner last night (for super hubby's b-day) and Ben was scribbling on the place mat. I was really happy about this because he doesn't scribble/color all that much because he is embarrassed about not drawing the way that his brain wants to. We all talk on for a minute and I looked back at his paper. I was amazed at what I saw! I said "Wow! I see all kinds of numbers! I see a 6, a 5 and an 11." He looked at me and said "Mama, 11 take away 5 is 6." 11 -5 That is what was on his paper when I looked closer. __ 6 Holly crap! My son just did subtraction. And wrote numbers. Can I say again- Holly crap!

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