Monday, December 3, 2007

Keeping up

How do we do it. Or rather how do they do it? I am not one of they because that might mean that I somehow keep up. How do you spend quality family time, make it to events, do PT three times a day, fit in something crafty, have 3 meals and 2 snacks, play outside and not have something gross growing in your potty! I can not seem to get to a maintenance place in my home! I know, I know, I'm spending time on the computer but my dish washer is running and laundry is going so time is not completely waisted. And this goes under the heading of mental health, which if you noticed, did not get a space in the daily routine. I'm tired folks.


We did have a great weekend. We were very busy and are still fighting colds, but what we did get to do was really fun. We did the goofy thing of going to see Santa fly into a parking lot in a helicopter. It was great! Kids loved it and the popcorn, doughnuts and petting zoo distracted the kids from wanting to see Santa up close (the line was way to long) so we made it to a friends for lunch. The plan was lunch then a quick stop at a party but at 2pm we had 2 melting children. By melting I mean laying on the floor crying, snot flying everywhere and in Kieras case arms and legs flailing. They simultaneously couldn't play a minute longer and REALLY didn't want to leave. Thank goodness for good friends who have been in our shoes because we were able to scoot our kid-puddles closer to the door, put on coats and boots to the best of our ability and get them out of the house like crying noodles without shedding a tear ourselves. Needless to say the party was out and naps were in.

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the little bit of snow we had and find a tree to cut down. Also fun! It was strangely warm so we had snow and fog. We found this really nice little place about 20 min. away that is just a person who planted a lot of trees in their back yard of rolling hills and now has a u-cut place. Very nice people who give hot cider and have sleds on hand. Not over priced just a nice little farm house. Ben and Kiera got to ride in the sled and help pick the tree out of the "forest". Very different picking out a tree with a child who can get out of the sled quickly. I just about flipped Ben out when I went to pull a heavy sled and Kiera had jumped ship. So the best/worst part of the whole day was that now Ben knows that he can get out of the sled without help or asking. Thank you Kiera. It was cold enough that they didn't go far and didn't argue about getting back in so all was well and everyone had fun. Now we have a strange looking tree that is in the basement drying off from the ride home in the rain. On to more naps! Thank goodness because I had a headache all day. My fantastic hubby came to the rescue and made dinner and also gave baths! I'm sorry, that made it sound like those are things that he never does. I just mean to say that last night we may have all gone to bed hungry and smelly if it weren't for Super Dave.

On a side note-I just got a view out my window of my neighbor running to the mailbox in one of those "wife-beater" tee shirts and pajama pants. Really didn't need that.

On to the waiting potty...

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