Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting better

Can I tell you how often we sing the Beatles "Getting Better All The Time"? OK, saw the doc and spoke with the surgeons nurse. We figure that Ben's little cold turned into a sinus infection and is just wreaking havoc on his whole torso. So much mucus and not much ability to differentiate between the cough muscles and gag muscles. He is on "pink medicine" and "no more pukies medicine" which both seem to be helping. He even went to school today! On a side note- there was a new college student in the room today and Ben was just gaga for her. He has a thing for blonds...So we are just going to quietly breath a bit and wait this out. I am just sitting here listening to the kids cough. I have been so tired and it is just now that I am realizing that I haven't slept well for a long time. I never sleep hard at night when I'm listening. Now the morning is another story. Thank goodness (and Dave) for coffee! Ben is doing so much better than this weekend that even I am surprised at the recoup time. Our next issue will be trying to get him to eat again. Every time we get within a pound of the car seat weight limit the boy stops eating. I really need to get the new one quickly just to be sure that he isn't trying to do me a favor! Well, safe for a couple of weeks I'm sure. What comes off in days takes weeks to get back. But...we're getting better...

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