Wednesday, December 12, 2007

blues clues and lost mittens

I played Blues Clues for 3 hours today. I really think that earns me some vacation time somewhere. Somewhere with sun. Correction, warm sun. It is cold, will be cold for months and I am already done with it. I was never supposed to live in this part of the country.

Back to the Blues Clues, Ben has had a resurgence in interest which of course means that Kiera is in on it. This is not a game you can play passively. You have to sing all of "Blues" songs, make up the clues that lead to, you guessed it, something else clever that you thought up. You need to draw and set up the thinking chair which means moving little furniture around a lot. It is 34degrees and raining. I'm thinking hot chocolate, cozy blanket, oh I don't know...a nap. Nope! Blues Clues. All afternoon. I think that I am actually starting to dislike Steve and Joe. Had to be so cool, now I dream about Blues Clues. You tired of it yet?

We have been doing all sorts of last minute adjusting to this years sudden winter. It just got cold really quickly. I had flowers looking at me sadly while it snowed on them. What this means to me is that I have some winter gear but not all of it and what I do have is undoubtedly going to get my kids stopped by the fashion police. This also means that I suck at getting all of us out the door. For any reason.

There is a lot that goes into getting two monkeys, with not the slightest inclination to help you, dressed. You would think that you just add a bit of time on for every piece of clothing but that implies that what you put on stays on the first time. That does not allow for boots that mysteriously reappear on the floor without a foot in them or mittens that you find tossed down the stairs. Now that is a structural design that will be a deal breaker for our next house. No stairs at the door. I don't care which direction they go, it is never good. The time also does not allow for a boy that can COMPLETELY noodle his body at will. It is physically impossible to dress Ben without breaking a sweat. He doesn't really want to get dressed and he is in no hurry so by the time we do make it out the door (even to play!) I am a puddle. Snow also increases the time it takes to get from the door to the car. Kiera has decided that snow is a delicacy and Ben thinks that trowing snowballs at mama is really funny. Dave. I have also been surprised that it takes us forever to get undressed. They are getting better about taking off hats and coats but add any other clothing or make any of it wet with snow and someone is crying. I don't know why. Someone just always does.

Good news about winter clothes...Santa hats. Supper fun and really cute. They have even decided who's is who's so they don't argue about them. I have been looking at these cute pics every time I have felt short on patience the last few days, which is to say, a lot. Lets go May!

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Heike said...

Oh. I grew up in a mostly cold and wet country (Belgium)and so love being in Australia. Can you believe i don't even own a coat? Nor do the kids (well, not counting a raincoat). A fleece jumper and a beanie is the most we ever seem to need. It does get cold(ish) but the sun always shines and i've not had temperatures under zero since i moved to Syndney. Pity disability serivces here are a joke, otherwise i'd starty lobbying you to come over! Enjoy a cold Chrissie, we'll be in the pool, thinking of you (oh that's mean of me...)