Monday, November 26, 2007

Aww man!

I did it! Did you see that? In my last truly sad and frustrated post I did that "thing" that so many people talk about. I wrote "that parents with children who get REALLY sick". Hold on there-what does that mean? It means that I was really sad about what Ben has to go through but more importantly what does that sound like? Does it sound like Ben is the sickest kid ever? Does it sound like I decide who is really sick? Does it sound like I am a member of the only club that is allowed to fear for their child? Does it sound like other parents fears are unjustified? Well, I hope that what is sound like is that I am afraid for my child, like anyone else, and needed to cry about it a bit. We're big kids right, and we can allow each other an opportunity to say "this sucks".


Allison said...

The kids must be napping and now you have time to breathe!

Nelba said...

Of course you are allowed!

I think it was Moreena who once explained that yes, of course all kids can get sick and die. But having a kid with a pre-existing health condition is like being a soldier in a city where there's a war. He expects to be shot down 24/7. There may be another guy who is walking merrily on the pavement. What he does not know is that a taxi has just lost control and is coming straight at him. He's going to die within the next five seconds. But guess whose tension levels are the highest: The soldier or his?

I hope everybody feels better soon!