Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's raining

I have been spoiled by a beautiful and hot summer. This rain is turning my stir crazy children into Zoo animals. We haven't been out much since the fundo and the rain is just making it worse. I actually had to look for Kiera for what felt like ten minutes but was really about 30 seconds. I finally noticed Ben looking at me like I was crazy and a pile of laundry on the floor. Could he have just told me that his sister was in the laundry basket. Guess not. This will just have to be my "I lost the baby" story for Kiera. Ben was lost at about this same age for more than 30 seconds. With no sibling to rat him out it took two laps around the house to notice that the living room curtains were giggling. Stinker had just learned to crawl so I wasn't expecting to lose him.

The day started beautifully! I woke up before the kids, actually had a sip of coffee then Kiera started talking to her "guys" that she sleeps with. Ben slept late and woke up a happy guy too. He asked about my dreams then asked Cookie Monster what His dreams were about. Ben then put on his best Cookie voice and answered "Me dream about cookies!". This whole pretending thing is so new and exciting! You take for granted that most everyone develops in the same order and at about the same pace until you have a child in your life that doesn't. I am the luckiest Mama in the world because I get to see every baby step of his development. We get to look at Kiera and be amazed at all the steps she lumps together as she leaps forward but we get to enjoy every moment of discovery with Ben. Anyway-then Kiera climbs into Ben's bed steals his blanket and we were off and running. By about diner time we were all done being couped up together and started watching the door for Daddy.

Looks like more rain tomorrow-I better figure out how to be super Mama, and fast!

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