Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reality Check

The kids and I braved a short but exciting storm this morning to go play with friends. We got there right around lunch time and two of our little buddies were already done eating so I figured we better get started. What I saw- my kids having lunch. What our host saw- 20 minutes spent trying to get yogurt actually into Kiera's mouth rather than her on her bib and an hour on top of that spent reminding Ben of how he needs to eat after the fundo. Bite of cracker-sip of milk-bite of cracker-sip of milk. Anyone who has been exposed to the word fundoplication is probably saying "Cracker?!" as they are on every list of what not to eat after surgery. Well after losing 5 of 41 pounds you get a bit creative. The list of approved foods doesn't work for Ben because he doesn't eat any of them. I can count on one hand the foods that he approves of right now. He would like to add pizza and french fries but we are holding off on trying those because they are on the "MAYBE NEVER AGAIN" list. He is tired of his choices so attacks meal times with as much gusto as my hubby tackles kitty litter. So... we spend hours eating right now. Add in potty stops and diaper changing and that's a full day! I have just looked at the process as how our day goes right now and I feel awful when I lose patience with the snails pace that we are moving. I have nominated myself for the "Crabby Mom" award at least 3 times this week and it's only Wednesday! It was so liberating to have my dear friend tell me that she doesn't know how I do it. She was jumping out of her skin just watching how slow it goes. Oh yeah-we used to move faster than this and we will again. Right now we are healing and strengthening. But, it sure was nice to have someone remind me that I am being more patient than I feel.

I'd say he's worth the time!


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