Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mini Push

I have four days. Four days to give just a mini push, a mini push that I hope reaches the eyes, ears, hearts, and frankly pockets of the people that we know. The people who know us and have come to know and love Ben, because to even know of Ben is to love Ben. To know his fight, his heart, his laugh, his love, his temper, his propensity to flirt with pretty blonds is simply irresistible. The boy is amazing. The boy lived and lives everyday with an understanding that bewilders me.
He went form this... 

To this...

in no small part because of the work done by the March Of Dimes. This Sunday we walk to support this organization in the hopes that someday we will see the end of the pictures like the first one, and only pictures like the second. Four days, we'll do our best. 

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