Sunday, February 15, 2009


WooHoo! We are home. And sooner than expected! Isn't it interesting that they will send you home sating 93%. We've been admitted at 94%! I'm not going against this one though. They are getting better breath sounds on both sides, only hear the crackles on the right now and he is able to cough again. All heading in the right direction so we are home with 2 antibiotics (one for the suspected aspiration pneumonia and one for the suspected community acquired bacterial pneumonia). This is a snippet of an email I received after Ben's surgery was cancelled: "Wow, I think we all prayed and meditated with great intensity and kept Ben in our hearts up front so we caused the surgery to be re-scheduled. Next time I will be more specific about Ben and his progress." Too funny but hmm... Thanks for all of your positive thoughts everyone!

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Ellen said...

I am glad you are home, and that Ben is doing OK. Hope the surgery is rescheduled, soon.