Monday, October 20, 2008

Where To Begin?

The good news is, I have been sleeping at night.
The bad news is that I haven't been blogging (or keeping up) and I think that my meds are jacked and that is why I am so dead tired. No thyroid is a pain in the a** sometimes.
So where to begin?
Ahh, the bus!
My last post about the bus was actually made from Chicago where I was having some much needed girl time. My yearly girls weekend was all but rained out and I came home with a killer cold which I then turned into bronchitis and a sinus infection but, it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! I went from high stress to shut down over the weekend and was able to turn off the "Mama Mode" for a few minutes and let my shoulders fall back to where they belong. You know, NOT in my ears. We even went so far as to have croissant and coffee brought to the door every morning. Heaven.
I was there to put Ben on the his very first BIG bus and would you believe? See all those tears?
Yeah, me neither! No problem getting on this bus, just climbed on said "Hi, I'm Ben and this is my mom Shannon and you are Ms. Annette." Little stinker took me for a ride this year. We had one weird moment (Why are we stopping here? Oh we have to pick up that disabled kid.-from the back) but all is well. Now he gets on and everyone says "Hi Ben!" and he says "Hi everybody!" the best part is the the bus driver is very cool and is friends with the old bus driver who asked her (in tears no less) to take care of her Ben. Nice.
Another update is that my friend had her sweet baby boy at 32 weeks. All went well but they are in for a stay. Keep up the good vibes!
Oh! Have I mentioned that I am taking a class? I finally got back on the horse and after 15 years off I am taking my first baby steps into re-starting/getting/finishing my degree. I'm glad I'm doing it but I have my midterm on Thursday so I may change my mind about that.
So much has happened and changed in the last couple of months. I wish I could bottle it up and look in on it now and then until I had a chance to write about it. To save it. Ahh, well. I'm sure not sleep again soon, right? ; )


Heike said...

Good news all round. But tell me, what are you studying?

jamie said...

im glad all of the bus stuff worked out so well :)

Sam said...

well..i can sympathize with the college class deal..its HARD!! im so ready for thanksgiving break..haha. anyways i miss yall and love yall!