Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Straightening Up

It has occurred to me that I have some house keeping to do. A bit ago something happened to me for the very first time. I won an award! A few in fact and not to appear ungrateful, I had/have no idea how to even accept these wonderful awards. So thank you MeghatronsMom , Heike and Melanie and once I get the hang of it, I'll post to pass on the love! Also, I have been running with the same "Other Blogs" for as long as I have been blogging. I'm trying to do a bit of clean up but seeing that Kiera is drumming right next to me I feel my time is limited. I, like many others I suppose, do a lot of jumping around and can never keep up with the list of blogs I check in on. But I will try to add some that I check in with most frequently. Just don't ask me to sort them! Like I said I'm on someones elses time so... By the way, who are you? Who is reading? Drop a note if you like, I would love to visit!


britta said...

Hello...came across your blog from somewhere...no clue which other blog, and from time to time have read some!

Love that your boy gets to ride the bus just like everyone else!


The unpregnantmother said...

I ♥ reading your blog.

Jason Myers said...


Heike said...

I'm still here reading, although i've been off some days in bed with a nasty gastro. You know who i am (does that sound threatening) and where i am. I hope you also know how much i enjoy hearing from you and yours... Love, H.