Friday, August 8, 2008

What She Said

New Kieraisms-
Ooh... (Imagine an innocent sound of wonder. This sound is heard after any instruction about what NOT to do or why. Cute the first time.)
What I say you? (Kiera's version of my "what did I JUST say to you?", I'm not proud)
All the day... (the phrase used instead of "all the time" or "a lot" or "so much". Such as "I been missing you all the day" or "Ben I've been loving you all the day!" or "My belly's been making me nuts all the day.")
That's the deal. K? (Pretty self explanatory)
But, but mahhahhm. (Imagine mom as a three syllable whine.)
Sorry mom. I so sorry. (Following any disaster no mater if it is on purpose or an accident)
And my personal favorite-
I just love you sooo much! (Sigh...)

1 comment:

Sam said...

awwww awwww aw!
i miss yall so much!