Friday, April 11, 2008

The Straw

The straw that broke the camels back. A phrase that had little meaning to me as a child is lived out on a regular basis in my house. When I first heard it I remember thinking "It's just a straw." while visions of fast food cups were running around in my mind. Just a tiny little thing would have no impact on a camel. Then I learned that we were talking about straw. Literally the stem of the wheat that grew behind my house. Oh...Nope still didn't seem enough to send the camel over the edge and so I began thinking about the author of the saying and what camel we were talking about. I had ideas of a weak, sad old camel just keeling over dead causing some man to think that the straw had done the damage and not the fact that the camel's heart stopped due to being 110 years old. I had thoughts of someone who just wanted his words to live throughout time so kicked the poor beast over. Then I grew up a little and thought I had an idea of what we were really talking about. The 4th paper assigned in two days, all due on Monday. Then I grew up a little more. Totally out of money, rent is due and my car wont start. Then I grew up some more and grief taught me its own lessons. Then I grew up even more and found that the "straw" doesn't have to be the great big things on top of great big things but just the tiny packet of taco seasoning that is missing from the cupboard when dinner is 5 minutes away from on the table. That's it. Not a bale of hay just a simple straw that takes the wind right out of your sails and makes you want to run screaming from your home note in hand stating that the straw has finally broke the camels back and could you please go check on my hungry confused children.

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