Monday, February 18, 2008

Out Of The Blue

One minute we're healthy, the next we're not.

We woke up on Saturday planning on spending the day with friend’s oogling campers we can't afford. That’s right, we ventured out to a Camper and RV Show. Admitting that should be part of a campers 12 step program. If there is one thing that true tent campers don't want to admit to it is that they crave shelter. In years past (many, many years) Dave and I were rustic campers. Back packs, tiny gear, dehydrated food and all. Showers and potties? Those are for wimps, right? Well the last time we ventured into the great wilderness I was 12 weeks pregnant with Ben and it just wasn't as much fun being sooo out of touch with civilization. Frankly, my back hurt, I had to pee all the time and a shower would have been a really good thing. Swimming in Lake Superior (extremely cold water if you aren't familiar)to get clean, in a bathing suit not meant for a body that just looked, well, weird wasn't a lot of fun. Fast forward about a year and we had a baby on our hands that was just off oxygen and I was too worried to take him camping. Well, we have now been tent camping for the last 3 summers and realize that it may just be a good thing to get off of the ground. I can’t believe that I just spent a whole paragraph defending the thought of camping on a mattress…

That brings us to the camper show. Where Ben got sick. Yep as quick as a wink he was fine then he was white as a sheet. On the way home he coughed. A gunky, congested coughing up guck sound that took Dave and me completely by surprise because that sound usually comes after he has been sick for a while. Then Kiera coughed. And her cough was nasty too! Is this is a new kind of sick that starts half way in? So far low grade temps, lots of fatigue, decreased appetite, gunky coughs and lots of waking at night. This means that Kiera has a pretty bad attitude, Ben is a noodle and we are really tired. I'm hoping since we seem to have started in the middle that we will be out of this in no time.

Little bit of cuteness-
Kiera came "walking" into the kitchen like this saying "Look mama, I upside down."

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