Friday, February 15, 2008

Did I Just Do That?

This thought came racing through my head as I was sticking my tongue out at my darling two year old daughter's back. Did I just do that? How old am I that the best I can do is pull out school yard retaliation. As quickly as I thought it, I made sure that Ben wasn't witness to my bad behavior. Thankfully it was just my mom that saw me and was laughing behind her hand. It's not that she thought it was a good idea but she has spent a lot of time with us over the last few days and I think part of her couldn't blame me.

I have decided that one can only be expected to stomach so many nasty looks in one day. Kiera has mastered the "what ever” and "make me" looks as well as the "you don't know what your talking about". It would seem that she is teaching Ben the art of the look because he has some of his own now. The "Naa, I don't think I will" and "I don't even hear you" are at the top of my making-me-nuts list right now. To be honest, I don't know which one is making me crazier. Kiera for her blatant disregard for anything I say or Ben's disregard for what I say based on the fact that he knows I am busy keeping Kiera from burning down the house so it will be a while before I get back to deal with him.
the haircut

It has been a really busy two weeks with appointments ranging from surgery clinic to a haircut. By the way- if your barber seems to be acting a little kooky, smell his breath and save yourself from the wacked out haircut. Anyway, we had about 10 appointments in all plus playgroups and preschool so I have had to deal with the backlash of diverting so far off of the routine. Toss in that I feel a bit overwhelmed and it turns into bad behavior mad house, thus the tongue thing.

On the brighter side (I'll leave out the crappy stuff because I made it clear how I felt about it in the last post) we don't have to go back to surgery clinic for a year barring any changes. The surgeon feels really good about the overall results of the fundo. We did the fundo to improve and preserve lung health. So far so good on that front. We have made it through colds, sinus infections and GI bugs without pneumonia. He can burp a little and vomit if needed and the remaining reflux is being controlled with meds. So check that one off the list for now. Next, we made it to the dentist with no vomit. We did several days of story prep and oral stimulation (basically me feeling his teeth for several days and chewing on a vibrating teether). It helps that we are on the empty stomach list and had Zofran on board but who cares about the "hows"... I didn't get puked on and that is a really good thing.

We also made it to our perspective 5 and 2 year check ups with the ped. I never know what would be worse, going twice or taking both at the same time but this time my wonder mom came with us to help run interference and we all made it out in one piece. Ben is 44" tall (75%) and 39lbs (25%) so we are still long and lean. No surprise there. Kiera is 34" tall (35%) and 26lbs (35%). A bit of a surprise there. I have friends with tiny little dainty girls so I was beginning to think that Kiera was a bit of an amazon baby. Nope. Just right for her, just like my wonder mom and sister keep saying. The doc and I keep in pretty close communication about Ben but we really don't need to deal with Kiera too often. Well, except when we needed to call when she ate strange berries outside or swallowed a clippie or painted the inside of her ear with nail polish. But that is just the call-in nurse that hears all of those crazy stories. The last time I had to call there was a long pause before the nurse said "She really does have a knack for this kind of mischief, doesn't she." Anyway...The conversation regarding Kiera began with "is she putting any words together?" to which I replied "All of them." To be followed by "Really. She is conversational with strangers." By the time we left a half hour later the doctor conceded that I am a pretty busy person. Reminded me to "keep it up" and left me with the sage advice "Don't let that one get ahead of you." What I said was "I'm trying" what I wanted to do was cry "How! How do I keep ahead of her when she never stops?" But I kept it together and we had a round of stickers and happily off we went.

This was the beginning of how we spent the last two weeks. I think that living through it has earned me some tongue sticking out. Now, I am so, so tired...

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