Sunday, September 23, 2007


Ben just threw up. I don't even know what to write next. He is NOT supposed to be able to do that right now. Should I be happy? Should I be sad? Should I be furious that I put my baby through a harsh, life changing surgery and it may not have worked. Does this mean that he is one of the lucky or one of the very unlucky. Right now the Doc on call was glad to hear that he could vomit a little to take some of the pressure off and soothe his stomach but next month are they going to suggest I prepare myself for another surgery to tighten the wrap! I am really not a doom and gloom person but, things do not often go as planned in this family so I can't help but fear the worst. Vomit! Are you kidding! I was really excited to hear a little burp but VOMIT! And...I just changed his sheets...

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