Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not so bad?

That's what they said. It is not as bad as it seems. The puking thing that is. It is apparently common for kids who have had a fundo to get a GI bug and vomit. It seems that the force behind a GI bug wretch is so much stronger than just a run of the mill wretch that it is expected for him to get something up. Well we have had a few questions answered. He didn't wretch uncontrollably and have to go to the hospital, he didn't blow out his fundo, he can in fact vomit and he can puke right on through a good dose of Zofran. That must have been an angry bug.

Good news is that it was short lived. The bad news is that now he has a killer cough. I am guessing that with the nasty stuff going around, he would have gotten a cold anyway but it has been exacerbated by aspiration. The other bad news is that Kiera has a cough and fever now. I tend to forgive the actions of my little tornado as I would any outdoor tornado on the basis that it means no harm it just is what it is. A destructive force that comes together under favorable conditions and follows a path without malicious intent. Well now my little tornado is sick. And crabby. The destructive path has widened and now includes tears and clinging.

Her new favorite phrase is "My turn to try it!" and it is applied to everything that anyone else is doing. Everything from drinking (and NO ONE is sharing a cup in this house right now) to potty time. We have two toilets and two potty's on the same floor off the same hall and no matter who is using what and what other options are available, if someone is trying to pee, Kiera is right in front of them yelling "My turn to try it!". Her determination has caused the accidental outcome of actually peeing in the potty so I hesitate to complain but it sure would be nice if...there are just too many ways to finish that sentence! I'll just leave that one out there as a fun "what if..." daydream.

We have noticed something else around here. Kiera is worried about Ben. We often think about the impact she has had on his life and how she wants to be just like him but this is the first time it has really made me think about how she feels about Ben. We use phrases around here all the time like "we are a family", "we love each other", "we take care of each other" and "we watch out for one another" but what about Kiera. Up until now we were so glad that she looks forward to seeing him, she runs to hug him and says she loves him. I guess I wasn't watching closely as she has grown up enough to care and worry for him. She is just so young that I didn't expect that sort of empathy yet. She is gonna keep me on my toes! She has also requested a "big girl bed" a seed planted by someone while Mama was on a weekend getaway with the girls. We were also getting hit up for a "big girl seat" (another seed planted) and since I will keep her contained in her crib as long as I can keep her contained in her crib, we have chosen to go with the seat and Kiera has graduated to a booster at the table. It is a bit of a mess but they make vinyl for a reason right? Both kids had to get in a messy cheese to commemorate the moment. I'm doomed!

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Allison said...

Looks like you have two very determined kids, with big hearts:)
Where is all of that blond hair from? Dave?