Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Make pinewood derby cars. Volunteer meeting. Preschool. Physical therapy evaluation. Dance class. Cub scouts. Derby race. Touch base with mom about coming to cover conference time. Parent teacher conference. Ben to primary (pink eye). Go to Auntie Kier's for afternoon. Kindergarten Information Night. Preschool. Ben to Peds Orthopedic Surgery (subluxed hip/stable!). Ben IEP. Shan haircut. Ben PT. Play date for Kiera. Ben hippo therapy. Shan class. Assist for Kiera's preschool. Dave's work happy hour. Soccer clinic. Art class. Maple syrup nature program. Kids to Nana's. Wedding/reception. Play date for Ben and Kiera.

Why, what does your week look like?
; )

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