Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's a busy thing this life stuff. I keep thinking if we can just get past (blank) we can breath. Turns out I can't. Two weeks ago we got the call from the ped that Ben set off their "high risk" bells so could we bring him in for the h1n1 vac in the morning? Sure. So we did and that was that until Saturday, when he got the flu. It has been raging around his school for weeks and I was in fact surprised that he hadn't already gotten it BUT I was a bit put off with his getting it just two days after a shot that he was pretty pissed about. It hit him hard and fast. Dry cough, fever, runny nose, vomiting (aspiration?), headache, exhaustion. He was pretty pitiful but only for a few days. Considering what I feared we might be in for, better then I could have hoped. He was back to school on Wednesday. Then Thursday Kiera looked a little off, and sneezed about 50 times. She was a trooper and made it through the Fashion Show (where we all looked loverly in our V2V and Elephant Ears fashions) but woke on Friday with the crud. Then it got Dave. Then it got me. Sunday we made a family trip to the after hours doc because I was sick as a dog and if I'm going, Ben is going to get his chest listened to and we tossed in Kiera for good measure. Verdict, we have the flu. You know THE FLU. The only one that you can have right now. Ben has not craftily turned his into pneumonia (yet), Dave is getting over it, Kiera is still coughing so hard that she wants a sicky bowl with her in bed "in case I trow up" and I am having a heck of a time with it. I can tough through most but this is kicking my bum. I still have a fever for goodness sake. And if I could pay someone to loosen the hold on my neck and my chest I would. This is no monkey business, I have been down for six days. I got Ben off the bus today and was forced onto the couch to cough for an hour. I'm up now because when I am flat (aka "sleeping") I'm coughing. Who has 14 days for this crap? So no, after (blank) we can't breath, because I can't breath. Arggggg! hackhackhackhack


Greta Myers Photography said...

oh no....hopefully this is the end of it, you should be getting better soon..

Melissa said...

Yuck! I hope that you all feel better soon.