Monday, January 26, 2009

Goodbye Skyy

10 1/2 years ago a family friend called and said "Heard you two are looking for a dog." A puppy I corrected. She asked us to just take a look at a beautiful 1 1/2 year old lab that really needed a home. She brought over a beautiful and totally insane bad dog. We kept that bad dog and today we had to say goodbye. She was a bad dog. But she had no choice in the matter. Six months of abuse had changes a defenceless puppy into an alpha like no other with all sorts of issues. She sounded like she could and would rip out your throat when she played. She attacked the hems of our clothes to the point that there were several years where we just didn't have any intact hems. She barked incessantly at anything that moved outside our windows. She ran away at any chance and we always found her by following the snarling that ensued when she found another female dog to pick on. She ate my Tupperware out of the sink, repeatedly. She ate anything left on the counter for that matter including but not limited to butter dishes, 3 pounds of ground beef and an entire fresh baked apple pie. She growled at my babies and anything that crawled. She chewed through sippy cups only full of water. She had bad dog teeth that needed a $300 cleaning every year and don't even start tacking on what the extractions cost. She had no use for us the moment we walked out the door so she was un-walkable without special equipment. With baby Ben With baby Kiera
But she was also sweet, playful, joyful, loving and affectionate. She was always glad to see us. She had to touch our babies when they were small with a paw or nose. She watched over the kids and was at a crying bedside faster than I was. She never once put her teeth on a child. She learned that I was the alpha, and gave me that respect. She didn't chew non-food related stuff with the exception of the plush squeaky toys we gave to her. She needed to be with us (in the house) all the time. She was a great foot stool and pillow. She could hold it like nobodies business! She stayed up with me every night and would go to bed when I did. She loved Dave. She like nothing better then curling up on his feet. She loved Kiera. She really loved Kiera and Kiera called her her best friend. She learned to take commands from Kiera. She loved our cat Corbin and would play with him for hours. He always won. She let our cat Maggie love her. She named herself when Dave suggested whiskey and I answered "How about Skyy?", and she came. She cleaned up after the kids. The best vacuum ever. She was a part of our family.


Kiera sharing her blankets.

We'll miss her.


Allison said...

You made me tear up!

Ellen said...

That was a beautiful tribute. I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

I know well what that is like. My sincere sympathy for the loss of your beloved pet.


Sam said...

aww aunt shannon! this sucks! give my love to the family!