Tuesday, September 9, 2008


As I said, the first day was great. The orientation was an hour of activities in the room, then the family members were swept out the door and the children spent a solo hour in class. When it was time for us to step out we quick gave Ben a kiss, he burst into tears and we high tailed it outta there past several other crying children. We fretted (of course) for the whole parent meeting, just waiting for someone to come bustling in. But no one did. We got back to class and got to watch Ben walk back in from the play ground with a smile. Such a relief! Then there was Wednesday. Ben's first bus trip to Kindergarten. I (in my foolish, unknowing, uncaring, mean, thoughtless way) thought that this would be the least of our problems. Ben has been getting on the bus for 2 1/2 years. He has done this first day 3 times. The aid on the bus is a woman he knows and LOVES. He has never cried on the first day on the bus. There is a first time for everything right?
About half an hour before the bus came, that would be about 7am, an hour unseen by 3/4 of our house, Ben burst into tears and was basically a teary, snotty mess. He tried everything, "I'm tired", "I'm sick" etc. but got me with "I have to go poop!". Well OK. How do you say no to that? Problem was he was in no way going to agree to get off of that potty once he was on. And the bus doesn't run on poop time. Crap! During the "we need to get off the potty now" conversation the bus pulled up. Crap, crap! So here we are literally caught with our pants down and Ben turns on the gagging. Crap, crap, crap! The wonderful aid starts up the drive and just as I opened the door to let her know what was going on Ben turned it up to high. Spit flying, tears squirting, retching. Welcome to your first child on the first day of school friendly bus ladies. Ms. Jacqui and I patted each other on the back, grabbed a bowl, paper towels, and plastic bags, I gave Ben a dose of "no more pukies" put the poor little guy on the bus and waved goodbye. Then I burst into tears and nearing fell down in the driveway from sheer mental and physical exhaustion not to mention a heave dose of guilt. I owe the bus ladies big gifts at holiday times.
It got better. Every day. Lot's of talking about everyone being nervous, about the difference between nervous stomach and sick stomach, and about how everyday he would know more about school and that would make him less nervous. Yesterday I got to take pictures. Everyday before that I was up to my elbows in Ben and pictures weren't happening. So I missed the first day but I got these:
And these from his very first bus ride (including riding the lift!) one week after his third birthday. See that smile?!?
And this one of his second first day on the bus when he was 3 1/2. See that smile?!?

And even this one of his third first day on the bus when he was 4 1/2. See that smile?!?

You see why I thought this wouldn't bee such a problem. Ahh well. All's well that is-going-well-right-now : )


Nelba said...

Marco also had very creative excuses the first week or two of school. But now all seems well. Hang in there! I'm glad it is already going better.

Sam said...

oh my gosh!!! Ben has started kindegarten!!! that's so exciting and so weird! I still remember him being that little baby boy wit red hair :)..back when i was only 13. geez! time flies!! oh and btw those pictures are the cutest ever! lockers in kindegarten?? no way! as for the bus..that's crazy talk!
love yall all! give everyone hugs and luck from me!