Friday, June 6, 2008

Whoa! Slow Down!

Ben lost his first tooth!

The dentist noticed the two bottom teeth were a bit loose at the last appointment (My teeth are going to fall out? It's OK buddy they're supposed to. You'll get grown-up teeth to take there place.) but so soon? When the little bugger got really loose we gave him the pep talk "If it comes out spit it out, try not the swallow it." but wouldn't you know it, it came out in his sleep. He swallowed it. Being that it is really hard for him to spit anything out, we were prepared for it and had already told Ben that he could write the Tooth Fairy (Tooth Fairy? What Tooth Fairy? You're tricking me mama. No, really Ben, she comes and leaves you some money when you put your tooth under your pillow.) a note. He woke up, and was just moving into the living room when he started spitting like crazy. So I asked what he was doing since that is not usually how he begins the day and he told me "I have grown-up teeth mama." After a few questions we established that he had just noticed that it was gone so started spitting just in case it was in his mouth somewhere. No such luck. So a note was left and sure enough Ben got a shiny dollar coin from the mysterious but now very cool Tooth Fairy.

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