Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm just tired. That pretty much sums it up. I'm really tired. It is a crazy exhausted thick sort of feeling that I have had explained as a physiological reaction to living for extended periods in survival mode. Every now and again I am just drained. Heavy. Slow. It seems that my body is chastising me for all of the running at or above the psychological red line. When this is your life you try not to think of it as hard all of the time or it gets harder. You know what though? It is hard. Doing the physical job of a 5 year old as well as you own is hard. Being the constant motivator, reminder, self esteem builder, supporter, positioner, stretcher, exerciser, cooker, feeder, nose blower, wiper, clothes changer blah, blah, BLAH, BLAH! Not to mention that I have to be the home PT, OT, ST and teacher. I recently wrote out the stretching that we (Ben and I, yes he gets me to stretch too) do to let someone know what we are doing in a day. We don't do it all at the same time and I usually just work in bits and pieces while we play. Most of what we do is still fun but crumb, it's a long list. Here it is... PT Stretching -On back bicycle legs -On back hamstring stretch With opposite leg free to move With opposite leg straight on the floor -Abductor stretch Both legs stretch up and out into a “V”. Use adult body to lean in and press into stretch. -Heel cord stretch -Long sitting straight leg (use lap desk for activity or any TV time) -Long sitting open (hands forward for activity between legs) For both long sitting: maintain good leg position (feet and knees up or out) and good hip position (up on his sits bones). Use vertical surface to support back or own body sitting behind Ben. -Row, Row, Row Your Boat Facing Ben with both sets of legs open in a “V”, adult calves over Ben shins. Maintain good positioning of legs (knees straight, knees and feet pointed out). Allow Ben to rock back and bring himself to center (sit up action) then smoothly pull forward to accomplish hamstring, hip and abductor stretch. *change end of song to “if you see and ______, don’t forget to scream. Ahhh” let Ben choose what he sees. -Butterfly position Flap wings (fast and slow) “Smell your stinky socks” -Move into rocking chair from butterfly Tuck head forward and adult rocks Ben back onto his back then forward back to the tucked butterfly position. Maintain tuck and assist to maintain straight rock (don’t allow to roll onto sides). Assist as much or as little as Ben requires. Sometimes you have to do it all, sometimes very little. -Move into starfish From tucked butterfly roll onto left side, roll onto back, roll onto right side then back to tucked butterfly. Repeat equally in both directions. -Ball work Bounce on the ball with legs open (*Horsey, Horsey)- Allow for rocking to the side with Ben catching himself and righting to center. Bounce with a fall back- Encourage Ben to pull himself forward to straight (super sit ups) repeat as tolerated (*Ride a Horsey) Super Man catches- On belly rock forward so Ben has to put hands out to catch. -Half stand stretch Adult seated with one of Ben's legs straight and planted other leg bent at 90 degrees over adult leg. I took out the words to the songs that we sing for each stretch because otherwise this post would be twice as long. I didn't even get to typing out the exercises that we incorporate. I don't have time because of all of the creative therapy we are doing! It is all pretty much still fun and games for them, and I say them because Kiera is TOTALLY on board with this. But for me it is a lot of work to make it fun. And sometimes I just don't feel fun! And for goodness sake my house is a mess. I don't need a cleaning lady, I need a come over everyday and tidy up, do dishes and laundry lady. The dog started barking at dinner time and I was fully prepared to hide rather than open my door to show anyone my house. If you know me then you know it must be bad. Now it is late and my head is just swimming with the lists of things to take care of and the appointments to make (kids are taken care of but mine are always behind) and chores and projects to be done. Physically drained. Mind racing. We're going on vacation in 8 days. Thank goodness. I can make it fun for that long. Then it's maid service here I come!


Heike said...

Yeah - which is why we haven't done any stretches with Beaver since he's started school...

We try and be sporty and active and all that, but have given up on physio. Which results in lots of parent-guilt, but a happy boy.

Enjoy the holiday. Maid service here you come indeed!

Sparx said...

sweetie, you sound stressed!