Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported our "March For Babies".

Dave and I put out emails on Monday and Tuesday of last week with $10 on our sponsor form. In thirty six hours our amazing friends and family put us over our goal of $500. When we walked on Sunday we had raised $940. In less than a week our loved ones took on this cause that is so close to our hearts and we can't tell you how moved we are by everyones generosity. We walked with St. Joseph Mercy-NICU team and our contribution brought the team total up to $6945. Wow.

The day was chilly but the walk was beautiful. Thank you to some dear friends for taking it slow with us. We also appreciate the help with all of the extra wheels we needed and the extra hands that we needed to keep track of Kiera and Ben as they went in opposite directions. It was so great for Ben to get a chance to walk a bit and even better to see him walk across the finish line.

We had told Ben that we were going to "March For Babies. That morning he told us that he was marching for babies that were in the NICU just like him. We never told him that. He just picked it up. Pretty cool : ) Kiera had other things in mind as to what a "March For Babies" was so brought her own baby to march for. Being that it was a chilly morning and the baby was under dressed, Kiera carried the baby around in her coat for most of the day. Pretty cute : )

Thank you again for supporting this wonderful cause everyone!

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