Thursday, February 7, 2008


There are so many wonderful and fun things to post about but I am too lost in the bedtime battle to think of them! I guess the trigger to my current woes, is that Kiera started climbing out of her crib. Four weeks ago. OK, so I'm a little behind on info sharing but we've been really busy. After we mysteriously found our little mischief maker in the living room after bedtime, we began talk of what to do next. Do we try one of those crib tents? Do remember that this little girl has yet to be conquered by any puzzle that she sets her mind to so... do we spend the however may dollars on a tent? With only a zipper holding her back? In the meantime how do we saver her from herself? Well, get a gate for her door of course! So there goes a little bundle of $ on a gate that lasted about 1 minute. Really! Up an over she went and our grand plan to keep Kiera (and our house) safe was foiled. So we just keep putting her back in her crib per doctor instructions, avoiding eye contact and any speaking so as not to reinforce the behavior with attention. Then she miraculously began staying in her bed! Except that she wasn't. She was just tired of being put back in her crib and had begun making little beds for herself on the floor.On to plan, what is it now "C"? We go with the toddler bed. Bring it home, she loves it! And absolutely refuses to stay in it at bed time. For THREE WEEKS that little joker has put us through 45 minutes (at best) of using our best parenting materials to keep her in her bed. To absolutely no avail. I've got nothing folks. Help!


Allison said...

The crib net has been the best money I have ever spent in my entire life and I mean that! My kids, especially Kyle, can not be tied down with chain but this net works wonderfully. Seriouly, they think it is so cool and it is safe as can be. Bottom line, bed time is bed time and that is it! If we stay in crib nets until 5yrs old, I am okay with that! Smile!

Heike said...

Can't give you any advice on this one. Beaver slept on the floor, in front of his bedroom door, for many months. We closed the door (thanfully he couldn't reach the handle) and left him, until eventually he decided he was more comfortable in his bed. The only adivce i have is to keep her in her room and not worry about the rest. She will sort herself out and grow out of it.