Sunday, February 24, 2008


If you have been reading then you have probably noticed that my mom has graduated to "super mom" status. She has always been fantastic, well it was iffy for a while when I was between the ages of 14 and 18, but that may have been me. Note the MAY HAVE BEEN. She has been so wonderfully supportive to our little family and we have been so lucky to have her near by.

Recently we have been putting her to the test. With all of the doctors appointments and therapy she has spent day after day playing with my kids or at least kid so that I can be more attentive to the doctors that we are visiting. Not only is she graciously giving her time but she has brought milk when we were flat out and I had two sick kids on hand. She has come at a moments notice to help out with birthday parties and to just let me get out. She has run to the rescue when she heard the "help me" tone in my voice and has pretty much saved the sanity of our household over the last month. Add to her list of accomplishments that she has taught me how to use a pattern and walked me through making an apron for myself. I should note that she gave me the sewing machine in the first place, provided the patterns and went with me to find fabric so that she could entertain Kiera allowing me to spend some time picking out what I wanted rather than grabbing the first bolt I touched and running out the door with it. To top it off, she may have single handedly saved me from any future door solicitation.

To put it mildly, Kiera has trouble getting to sleep. This has been VERY apparent to my helpful mom. An afternoon just a couple of days ago I struggled to put Kiera down for her nap then went to pick up Ben from school. I hadn't been gone very long when an unknowing young man appeared at our door and rang the door bell. Our dog came flying past Kiera's door barking her head off, Kiera started screaming and my wonderful mom answered the door, barking mad dog in hand, by saying "You woke the baby. I'm not happy." The poor terrified man (not sure what was scarier my barking dog, my growling mom or my screaming daughter) begged many apologies and scurried back to his car. From what she tells me, the exchange may have been good enough to spread as rumor and protect us from all future bell ringing. Just in case, she put this up

Now that I have let everyone know how fantastic she has been in the last few weeks, forgive me if I just start calling her mom again. I am not a fast typer AT ALL (my niece laughs at me) so for the sake of time I will leave out the "super" and hope that you just hear it in your head before the "mom".

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