Friday, November 9, 2007


Communication is completely taken for granted! When you have a child that can not communicate his needs and feelings you learn this very quickly. So, Ben is having a hard time. Why you ask, I DON'T KNOW! There are too many variables. Is it that Mom and Dad went away? Kiera making strides? Teacher taking a bit of, well deserved and very necessary, time off? Increased social awareness? Dad working late? Mom volunteering? Decreased intake? Change in bus schedule? Like I said, too many variables. So what do we do? Our best to cover ALL of the bases that's what. Here is the good news-in the car after school pick up yesterday I gave Ben the overview of the evening. This came back at me from the backseat: "I want to tell you a story Mama. Once upon a time Mama was riding in Daddy's truck. Then she came to see you at school. Then we went for a ride in Daddy's truck together to home. Then we get to say hi to Nana. Then Mama goes to a meeting. Then Daddy comes to say Hi to you. Then Nana goes to rehearsal-show. The end." Huge progress.

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