Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show. That is what I have been doing for the last few weeks. I have been tired, discouraged, frustrated, sad, sleepless, crabby, short tempered and worst-absent. The good news is that I was rarely more than one of these things at a time and not for very long periods of time. Well, now it is over and it was amazing. Not perfect but full of little things that you hope that people not in the know would never notice. Also, my kids (and my Mom) lived through me working my tail off doing things that for the most part I have never done before. I'm a full time Mom. In my previous life I was a Preschool Teacher. Neither of these professions taught me the ins and outs of fashion show/silent auction planning BUT thank goodness that I am on my third one and working with a woman who in a past life was in fact a special events person. I could have drowned in all of the little things that I didn't know about but what I do know is that I got done what I set out to do. I also know that I did my best to remember why I was working on this project. My children and more specifically, Ben.

This Fashion Show was a benefit for the NICU where Ben spent the first 28 days of his life. His birth (and complications) brought us into a world that was nearly unknown to me and into the lives of so many doctors, nurses and amazing families. If I could have chosen, we would be walking a different path. One that led right past that NICU door and into the recovery rooms with Ben in my arms but like so may others, I didn't get a vote and here we are. Tremendously lucky to have come through such an amazing NICU full of hope, reassurance and warmth. Our experience there led us to work with a group supporting and giving back to our NICU and low and behold we have pulled off our third fashion show. Every time the tired or crabby side of me would come out I could look the reason for this show right in the eye. It has reminded me that every day I can work a little harder than the last to be the Mama that my children deserve.
This whole process was pretty hard on Ben or really bad timing or both. But, once again Ben showed us that he is SO much tougher than we know. Also that he knows a lot more about himself than we give him credit for. He was a champ! He ran around like crazy, couldn't keep his hands off our little friends pony walker (it has a bell!) and when it was time for us to walk on stage he went right on out. We had 2 entrances and then returned to the stage with the entire group. Tons of clapping and laughing and the whole time Ben just held my hand. After the final thank yous Ben turned his face up to me and said "I did it Mama!". How proud am I.

I am incredibly lucky to be a part of this amazing little group. Thanks guys!

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Allison said...

And how lucky we are to have you! I am in tears again over Ben's comment!