Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shannon and Dave

Shannon and Dave. These are two words rarely spoken with out the addition of "Ben and Kiera". Even more rarely would you hear "Shannon and Dave are out of town."

In fact it has been three years. Three years since Dave and I have been away for a weekend together. The last time was a bit good (the away part) and a bit bad (the coming home part). Ben was 18 months old and decided to pay us back for leaving him to suffer with my wonderful, doting, loving, Ben worshiping sister. He hit us where it hurt- for Mama he decided that eating was an option and for Daddy he decided not to hug, talk to or even look at him for about two weeks. We were all (accept my sister who had a great time with Ben) a bit scarred by the experience.

It took us a while to figure out how to leave not one but two children, but Dave worked it out. Behind my back. And happy anniversary, we were on our way to a cozy cabin in the Michigan woods overlooking a beautiful little lake edged in fall colors. It was fantastic. We enjoyed every moment of just us. No stress, no bills, no projects to catch up on, no house work, no crying. We had a minute to have a conversation and actually found each other interesting. We had fun, just to two of us. Then, 43 hours after we left, we got to scoop up our kids and love all over them again. A wonderful weekend!


Billie said...

Yay to actually finding each other interesting!

Heike said...

I hope you were "careful". We did the same thing nearly two years ago, it was my first ever night away from the children. And despite having had my tubes tied, we managed to conceive Boo Boo...
But seriously, isn't it wonderful to have some time off together. Do it again soon!

Shannon said...

When we left Darsie for the first time, she paid us back for 2 years by not sleeping in her own bed. We are going away in January without either girl and I'm hoping not for a repeat.

I'm glad you were able to relax and have converstions!