Friday, October 12, 2007

I missed it!

I swear I turned around and it is winter! Maybe that is because it was 90 degrees all last week, but October! Really? Worse, I missed all of the season premiers on TV. Now that is a really big deal because I am never able to watch the same show two weeks in a row so if I don't get the first big directional overview I am lost for a whole season. DVR you ask, TVo? Not us. If I give out my hubby's cell phone number, how many random calls do you think it would take to change his mind on the subject? The good news is that I finally know what happened to "Men In Trees". It starts again on Friday. While I'm out at a thinly veiled girls night. Come on DVR!

The good news is that the heavy life evaluation of last week has given way to the homey feel of trivial annoyances. Like-why does Kiera follow me around and move anything smaller than a table out of place? Why do I step into my bathroom to find a diaper, 3 books, a matchbox car, my bra and a dog bone? Why do they all need to be in my bathroom? What is the reasoning behind the assortment? Was it just everything that she passed on the way there or does she make a plan to assemble the most random articles to see the look on my face. Or-Why has Ben's idea of being polite become yelling "no thank you!" instead of just plain old "no"? I make it my goal EVERYDAY to say "yes" more than I say "no" so why is the response to everything I say to him "no thank you!"? Even when I haven't asked a question! I hadn't thought of the terrible twos as a contagious childhood disease until Ben caught it from Kiera.

More good news is that while I was busy defending my sanity against my beautiful children, they are finally feeling much better. Coughing is nearly gone which means that everyone is sleeping better. I was worried about getting something new with the whole "it's summer again" but we seem to have made it. During the heat wave we went to a local fire station for their open house with some dear friends (of ours and the kids). Sooo much fun for everyone and the heat helped insure that we had kids that were ready to go instead of fighting to stay. What a really nice way to eek out the last stolen days of summer. Now it is on to find a last minute pair of cowboy boots for my wonderful boy who wants to "wear cowboy clothes AND boots, Mama" for Halloween. I'm taking a deep breath.

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