Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I decided to pull together the updates I had put out in e-mail so that they don't get lost. No one really knows to look here to keep up but it will be a good way for me to keep track.
Tuesday July 31, 2007

We are taking Ben to UofM tomorrow for fundoplication surgery. He has very serious reflux which often results in aspiration. This aspiration in turn causes pneumonia and potentially some much more serious problems. After a lot of research and doctor consults we have chosen to try this difficult procedure. If the procedure is successful, Ben will no longer aspirate and lets face it, no stomach acid in your lungs is a good thing and worth fighting for. This is going to be pretty hard on all of us but is an especially long recovery for Ben.

Thursday August2, 2007 12:19pm

He is doing great!
Ben made it through the surgery without any complications and is recovering better than expected for the first 24 hrs. He has 5 small scope sites that all look very good and he is being a real tough guy. If you ask him how he is doing he says "I'm being very brave.". He has been up to use the potty and taken sips of water but other than that he just wants to "take a rest" and watch movies. Other than learning the hard way that it is a bad idea to pull out your IV we have been quietly recovering.
The rest of us are doing really well. I'm sure that it will be a few days before we really take a deep breath but Ben has proven yet again that he can overcome anything.

Thursday August 2, 2007 11:07pm

He is still doing great!
My sister took this picture so that I could put out this e-mail and show you all how well he is really doing. He seems to have overdone it a bit today so he hit the hay pretty early but over all he is doing so well that we are talking about going home before Sunday. That was great news until I pictured how much Kiera is going to want to hug her big brother : ) He has graduated to drinking milk and eating pureed fruits and veggies! This is pretty exciting since it could have taken him a lot longer to tolerate soft foods. Lets hear it for Ben!
Friday August 3, 2007 11:11pm
We just put our amazing son into his very own bed!

The docs are more than happy with his progress. We seemed to have a handle on his pain, he is eating what is considered a "full soft" diet, and is drinking like a champ. I am a bit overwhelmed with the line-up of 7 medicine bottles on the counter but we hope to put them away in the next couple of weeks and be back down to 1.

We are so relieved to be over this first hurdle and he cleared it by a lot. We are really lucky to have so much support from him and all of you! Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers.

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